TS 400

For our underwear, we use a spun Polypropylene – Polycolon®. This is certainly not the less expensive material but experience has shown us the host of advantages this material offers as compared to others customarily used.

With its weight of 0.91 g/cm3, Polypropylene® is extremely light. It is allergy-neutral and almost wear-resistant. It absorbs sweat and moisture and thus provides for your body to keep dry and warm.

Even when machine-washed, Polypropylene® keeps its function and correct fit. This is actually the reason why we do not settle for a less efficient and less functional material!

Thermo Function TS400 consists of 66% of Polypropylene and 25% of cotton as well as of 9% of Polyamide.

This mixture is ideally suited for anglers and hunters wishing to enjoy nature with all their senses even in the cold season.

The particular feature of TS400 is in the channel-knit terrycloth ribs on the internal side of the jersey knit cotton layer on the external side conveying a sensation of particular wearing comfort.

Wearing TS400, you will not feel cold even when ice fishing at a temperature of – 25° C, for instance.

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