TS 300

We take advantage of the extremely high performance of MERINO wool contained in the outer layer of Thermo Function. The wool of the merino sheep is one of the finest types of wool worldwide. Thanks to millions of ventilation pockets contained in the wool fiber, this material stands for an extremely efficient insulation.

MERINO wool is antibacterial and therefore neutralises any kind of smell of perspiration. This is why, Thermo Function underwear can be worn even on walking tours of several days’ duration without any problem.

MERINO wool is extremely breathable. It is mulesing-free and – thanks to our special processing – washable at temperatures up to 40°C.

Thermo Function TS300 consists of 70% of Polypropylene and 30% of MERINO wool. This mixture conceived for medium-cold temperatures is extremely well suited for anglers, hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts wishing to take a break even for prolonged periods of time.

The particularity of TS300 is in the natural advantages of MERINO wool.

By its millions of ventilation pockets it is the best natural heat insulator you can find. Even at a high degree of moisture absorption, the product’s unique composition will keep you up to 50% warmer than comparable Thermo underwear.

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