TS 200

The maxim of thermal function lies in the multi-layered. Because of the separate layers with the inner layer of hydrophobic polypropylene, which you wear on the skin and an outer layer made ​​of natural fibers (merino or cotton), the body moisture is directly and reliably to the outer layer. The combination of artificial and natural fiber unpleasant body odors have no chance. Thermo Function TS200 consists of 52% polypropylene and 48% combed cotton. This light blend is quite outstanding endurance outdoor activities such as Cycling or hiking. TS 200 keeps it between temperatures of plus 10 degrees to minus 10 degrees perfectly dry and warm. The composition of allergy neutral polypropylene and combed cotton will give you an unprecedented feeling of wellbeing.

TS200 is the best equipment for late autumn or spring day.

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