Our Thermo Function stocking program represents a consequent continuation and optimum extension of our underwear line of products. Why should you content yourself with something less efficient for your feet sensitive to cold temperatures than with our high-tech product?

For your feet, nothing is worse than moisture. In conjunction with poorly processed material this will result in friction and thus lead to blisters.

Our socks are manufactured on the basis of the material which we similarly use for our underwear.

It is thus guaranteed that moisture will be absorbed by the outer layer from where it can evaporate. Your feet will always stay dry and warm. In order to maximize your comfort, we have used extra-flat and soft seams. The TS 200 to TS 500 qualities have been conceived with a particularly large and elastic ankle-band without seam thanks to which your blood circulation is perfectly supported.

In addition, the Thermo Function socks TS 100 and TS 200 are well suited to be worn under our quality products TS 300, TS 400 or TS 500. By opting for these combination variants, your feet will be offered optimum protection in any kind of climate.

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