In order to make you feel totally at ease during any of your outdoor leisure activities, the microclimate of your skin needs to show a temperature between 34°C to 35°C.

If this is the case, the body is able to maintain its core temperature of approx. 37°C. As a consequence thereof, you will neither perspire nor will you feel cold.

To this end, you will need perfectly coordinated clothes. Therefore, we have developed a third layer for our 2-layer underwear which is both languorously warm and fluffily soft.

Here we are referring to Thermo Function TS 1000, our fleece program. It is the perfect intermediate layer between underwear and outerwear.

Fleece is the ideal material for the cold season.

Thanks to its low weight and particular elasticity it is perfectly suitable for being used as the warm extra in rough climates.

Thanks to Thermo Function you are perfectly prepared for all patterns of meteorological conditions.

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