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When you wish to experience nature with all your senses, you have to get involved with it. Particularly, somewhat rough a weather offers the nature lover special attractions. Glittering light reflexes under the rain, wind-driven clouds in a blue sky, mysterious silhouettes of old trees or the view on a mystical landscape as far as the eye can reach …..

Since over the year one has sometimes to prepare for unpleasant weather conditions, I have concerned myself throughout the last 30 years with the development of clothes which YOU will wear directly next to your skin when you go hunting, fishing or heading for any other type of outdoor activities.

With Thermo Function we have conceived and developed Thermo underwear which will doubtlessly be ideal for YOU. Thermo Function will keep you warm while hunting, ice fishing or during long walking tours. Thermo Function offers high-grade breathable protection. These are the best of conditions to make YOU feel absolutely at ease during your open air activities.



For our dealers, we have deposited more information in a password protected area. Since we only sell to retailers, we ask the following PDF form to fill out requesting access to the dealer portal and send it to the address indicated.

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Nature lover Gregor tested in March our baselayer TS 200 during his four-day tour of the Witches in the Harz on the heart and kidneys. His conclusion convinced:


“Thermo Function promises by the innovative combination of artificial and natural fiber that body odors have no chance. I could actually notice any unpleasant smell (my fellow hikers and not by the way).
The underwear of thermal function so I can fully recommend. She does what the manufacturer promises. That’s so rare these days that you have just mentioned. I am thrilled and will wear these underwear at the next backpacking trip. “


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