TS 500

However, it is only the intelligent combination of the two extraordinary materials which makes all the difference.

The multi-layer principle developed in the course of 25 years of outdoor experience will provide for optimum protection against the cold while enjoying any type of outdoor leisure. The result of an intelligent mixture and high tech processing combined with a sophisticated design is:

The NON PLUS UTLRA of Thermo underwear.

Do not settle for less…

Thermo Function TS500 consists of 76% of Polypropylene and of 15% of MERINO wool as well as of 9% of Polyamide. This mixture is particularly well suited for extreme temperatures down to – 40°C.

TS500 is the unique Thermo underwear of its kind. There is no comparable product worldwide. The channel knit terrycloth ribs on the internal side and the extra-thick MERINO wool layer on the external side will contribute to the fact that you will neither perspire at 0°C nor feel cold at a temperature of – 40°C.

Thanks to TS500, you will experience the “Non Plus Ultra“of Thermo underwear.

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